Our Solutions

Board Room Solutions

Top priority is to create integrated, user friendly meeting environment with the latest video and data collaboration technology.

  1. Reduce conferencing charges Audio & Video from an outside vendor.
  2. Requires a multi level maintenance free room with ease of use.

Today's Business Challenges

  1. Requires One Stop Shop Solution
  2. One infrastructure to know, buy and maintain
  3. Cost savings - Capital, personnel, training
  4. Leveraged investment for expansions and upgrades
  5. Requires an architecture that combines Products, applications & services to deliver Audio Video Integration.               
  6. Requires a Customized Fabrication
  7.  Good Acoustics & Sound Quality.
  8. Good Visibility of Images
  9. Adequate Camera Coverage
  10. Good Control System
  11. Easy to use 
  12. Requires Project Monitoring & Identification of risks
  13. Need Greater business agility for new technologies and applications

 Audio/Visual Integration Solutions

The right partner
There are many reasons why FUSOL is the right partner for your audio- visual integration requirements. However, the most important reason to choose FUSOL is the sole force that drives us is the success of our customers and their multimedia environments. FUSOL‘s all-inclusive Audio- Video Integration Solutions are based on a professional ‘A-Z ‘services so that you only have to deal with one partner. We provide solutions & services to incorporate full automation and control of all audiovisual and electronic equipment.

Innovative solutions
Over the period, we have gained expertise and experience in analyzing your specific needs and recommending the most appropriate all-inclusive audiovisual solution that suits your needs.

Cost effective, well planned systems
FUSOL's Systems Integration team is equipped to design systems, prepare specifications and CAD drawings, fabricate, install and program. Working in partnership with architects, contractors and end-users, FUSOL guides the process from start to finish.

At your service
Headquartered in Cochin, FUSOL is ready to serve you at any locations throughout the nation with  proper timely support . Our wide footprint ensures a timely response to meet your needs.

What you need, when you need it
FUSOL fully supports all systems with ost-sale service, technical support, documentation, training, repair, maintenance, and back-up inventory.

Count on FUSOL
When you require the assistance of a professional systems integrator, you can count on FUSOL‘s established reputation for dependability and professionalism.

FUSOL   design multimedia presentation and video conferencing systems for the executive boardroom. The Boardroom technology needed to adhere to a standardized platform of interface and control. Remote monitoring and control capabilities are also requirements of the system.